University of Washington’s Turkey Book


In my quest to make a “pocket brain” to keep with me on the truck, I’ve been looking at any

pocket or student reference I can find.  One medical student reference I stumbled across is from the University of Washington’s Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society, and they call it The Turkey Book.  I have no idea why, but it’s pretty fantastic.

Medics and EMTs certainly don’t need to know about screening for cervical cancer; however, the internal medicine portion includes very useful information about electrolyte imbalances and acid-base balances, and the emergency medicine portion takes you into the mind of a ED physician conducting an exam AND provides a a cheat sheet for common ED presentations.

If sorting through the different sections and finding the most useful bits isn’t enough, a new App called AgileMD will let you download the whole thing for $20 in a nice digital format (LitFL just reviewed the app here, and the App website is here).

I highly recommend checking out this guide, even if you don’t incorporate it into your daily-reference-library; I’ll be putting the link under the Resources section as well, so you’ll always know how to find it!

The University of Washington’s Turkey Book

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