Updated Surgical Airway Resource

**We’re back after an extended, biochem-organic-chem-induced hiatus!**

How to hold a scalpel–Civil War Style

I’ve already extolled the virtues of Dr. Scott Weingart enough, but his latest post provides a one-stop-shop to learn the best and latest about cricothyrotomy.  On this page, you’ll find a number of resources from how to make a cric trainer to an in-depth look at surgical airway anatomy.  And, of course, Weingart’s SMACC lecture bringing it all together.

Feeling a little anxious about the thought of performing a prehospital cric?  Stay on the EMCrit site to check out former Air Force PJ Mike Lauria’s (@resuspadawan) lecture on Acute Care Cognition.  His lecture brings together a wealth of experience and study all geared towards critical-thinking and decision making in high-stress situations.  (I’ll be doing a post soon about my own attempt at a lecture/workshop regarding Responder Conditioning).

The hope is that giving these resources a little more attention can bring the idea of actually performing cricothyrotomy back into the mind of paramedics.  One of my current services does annual proficiencies, which requires medics to touch the cric-kit and go through the steps exactly once each year.  Clearly that is not enough, and I would love to hear how other prehospital providers incorporate such training on low-frequency procedures into their practice.