FOAM Sites

These are the websites/blogs/podcasts that I follow regularly and use to find content for this site.  I’ll update this page as I post new material. — This is the site that started it all for me.  Dr. Scott Weingart shares his thoughts on all the latest evidence based medicine in ~20 minute podcasts, many of which are accessible for pre-hospital providers of any level.— The veritable home of all things FOAMed, this Aussie-run website is at the hub of all things new and great in FOAM.  Their list of sites to check out is much more comprehensive, and you’ll find many references to some of their other resources here.— Another evidence-based to which a number of docs contribute; not everything they share is related to pre-hospital care, but its certainly worth a look.

EMS Lecture Series— This is a podcast put out by the EM department at Albany Medical Center (NY) to provide CE for rural EMS providers.  The podcasts are geared for providers of all levels, and although they are often review of basic knowledge, they are a great resource for keeping sharp or studying for a test.  (Find the podcast link here).— Smart EM is a website/podcast run by a husband-and-wife duo living and working in NYC.  Again, not everything they do is pertinent for the pre-hospital provider, but their deep-dives are comprehensive, to say the least.

PreHospital And Retrieval Medicine (PHARM)— the closest thing we have to a prehospital FOAM site already, and it’s pretty spectacular.  This team of Aussie prehospital and retrieval (think CC transport) docs blog and podcast with the biggest names in the field about best practice and the latest evidence based medicine.— I haven’t explored this one hardly at all, but they seem to have some pretty great information on a wide variety of topics.

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