This page is for specific resources and tools to access quickly for learning or thinking about a run.

Show Notes and Resource Pages:

High-Quality CPR Show Notes/Resources


EMCrit’s Layrngoscopy Video— Watch it now, thank me later.

EMCrit’s Intubation Checklist Dr. Weingart’s checklist that he uses prior to intubation.  More useful for in-hospital and RSI intubations; however, it contains important points for any intubation.

EMCrit’s Cric Guide— Hard to beat this post from Dr. Weingart about performing cricothyrotomy.


LitFL’s ECG Library— The definitive FOAM resource for all things ECG, from the basics to the more obscure diagnoses.


Epocrates Essentially the go-to mobile app/data base for looking up medication uses, doses, etc.  I frequently use it in the back of the rig during patient care if there is a question about medications.


PubMed If you’re looking for a study or want to do research, this is the place.  Not all the articles are free full-text, but many are.

PubMed Citation Generator Because I’m not smart enough to find the citations in PubMed, and I’m too lazy to type them out, this little page comes in handy. The RSS/News aggregator recommended on EMCrit, and my one-stop-shop for all things FOAMy.  (Don’t forget to add this blog!)

iClickEM This is a search engine/data base of FOAM that you need to (or had to when I signed up) apply to be a part of.  Honestly I haven’t explored it much, but it adopts an uptodate-esque format, which is pretty neat.


Medscape You might be surprised by the depth and quality of Medscape’s reference section.  If you have questions on a disease process, pathophysiology, or if Epocrates didn’t give you the information you wanted on a drug, hop on over to Medscape.

The Turkey Book The pocket reference for University of Washington medical students, as created by the Alpha Omega Alpha honor society.  Full of everything the medical student would need to know and everything the prehospital provider would want to know!

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