High-Quality CPR (HQCPR) Resource Page

The following resources and studies are meant to supplement the HQCPR presentation and provide a greater depth of knowledge for those interested in the specific evidence-base for the practice.

Major Guidelines and Position Statements

AHA CPR Quality Consensus Statement (2013) (most relevant)

AHA CPR Guideline Highlights (2010)

Full Length 2010 Guidelines and Explanations

Relevant and Important Literature

Chest Compression Fraction (CCF) Determines Survival in VF OHCA

Systematic Review of Mechanisms Driving Blood Flow in CPR (will need to log into ScienceDirect to view)

Adverse Effects of Interrupting Chest Compressions for Rescue Breathing (2001)

Importance of Uninterrupted Compressions in CPR (2012)

Leadership Literature

Hands-On Time Affected by Team Building

Human Factors Affect CPR Quality

“Lighthouse Leadership”

Cognitive Basis of Effective Team Performance

Other Resources

Resuscitation Academy

AHA High Quality CPR Site

New York Presbyterian’s 100-bpm Spotify Playlist


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