CPR Drill Resource Page

If you’re visiting this page, you may have just completed a CPR drill at your place of work; this is the place to find the supporting evidence for all of the clinical and leadership points that were touched on during the After Action Review.  If you would like the full article text, please contact me directly!

High-Performance CPR ToolKit (from the Resuscitation Academy)

Clinical Points:

The low quality of pre-hospital CPR

The importance of chest wall decompression (allowing for full recoil)

The effect of quality CPR and more “hands-on time”

The effect of longer pauses between compressions

Longer pauses in CPR from paramedic intubation

Rescuer fatigue during the second minute of CPR

The effect of a CPR quality feedback device

Leadership Points:

Teamwork and Leadership in CPR: Review Article   (this covers just about everything)

The importance of a defined leader and communication

Lighthouse Leadership study

The importance of leadership behavior and task distribution

The importance of team-building

The importance of leader flexibility in resuscitations



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